Saturday, May 8, 2010

Protein Synthesis Inhibitors: Never Mix Them Up Again!

Aminoglycosides: A is the 1st letter, thus aminoglycosides inhibit Initiation (the first step of translation) by preventing formation of the initiation complex.

ChloramPhenicol: the only one with a "P", thus the only one inhibiting Peptide bond formation (by peptidyltransferase)

Macrolides: prevent the Movement of ribosomes (translocation)

Clindamycin: makes ribosomes Cling to mRNA (prevents translocation)

Tetracyclines (TTC): tRNA Tries but Can't (prevents the aminoacyl-tRNA from attaching to the A site of the ribosome)

Lincomycin: Like erythromycin (prevents translocation)

Linezolid: Like an aminoglycoside (prevents initiation)


  1. You know, I have had so much trouble remembering all of these - even after 3rd and 4th passes, which is uncommon for me. Now, the mechanisms are obvious. Thank you! [14 days to go for me...egads!]

  2. freAKIN Awesomeeeeeeee ... made my day !!!!

  3. thanks it is really helpful and creative

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