Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Intestinal Obstruction mnemonic

Here is a mnemonic I made up for the Causes of Intestinal Obstruction:

CHAGAS is Very Important in Hispanic Municipalities

Chagas disease can lead to Hirschprung's disease because the tryponosomas can destroy the ganglion cells in the rectum. Hirschsprung's is itself a cause of intestinal obstruction.
C= Crohn's disease
H= Hirschsprung's disease
A= Adhesions
G= Gallstone ileus
A= Atresia (duodenal)
S= pSeudoobstruction (neurogenic)

is Very= Volvulus

Important= Intussusception

in Hispanic= Hernia (Indirect)

Municipalities= Meconium ileus


  1. Speaking of CHAGAS - south/central america after bite from insect.

    The most recognized marker of acute Chagas disease is called Romaña's sign, which includes swelling of the eyelids on the side of the face near the bite wound.