Saturday, July 17, 2010

What I wrote down on my laminated board

I wrote down a few mnemonics and facts that would save me time later during my exam.

  • The drug receptors mnemonic in first aid: QISS QIQ SIQ SQS
  • The Standard deviation curve (including the value for each interval e.g. from 0-1 SD is 34%, from 1-2 SD is 13.5% etc)
  • I drew several blank 2 x 2 tables (you can use these for a lot of different things so it's good to keep them blank)
  • The PT vs. PTT diagram in Rapid Review Pathology (i.e. which factors are tested by each test)
  • I also wrote down 4 equations that I always forget.
    • Css = (Rate in x f) / Cl
    • Cl = Vd x k
    • VA = (VT - VD) x f
    • VD = VT x (PaCO2 - PeCO2)/PaCO2
 Overall, I think it was worth it to write all of this down before starting my test.

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