Saturday, April 24, 2010

Final Thoughts on Pharmacology

I'm finally done with Pharm! I'm very ecstatic, this was one of my worst subjects in school but I've come to enjoy it over the past few days.
My plan for Pharm was to use Kaplan and then go through first aid. That's exactly what I did at the beginning, but it was too time consuming. When I started going through first aid, I realized that everything I needed to know was in first aid! I realized that I wouldn't have time to go through Kaplan again before the exam, so I decided to annotate in First Aid anything that was written in Kaplan but not first aid (sometimes making page references if there was a diagram or a whole page that I didn't want to copy into first aid). I think this will save me so much time when it comes time to do my final reading. Having one source to study from is much more pragmatic than reading the same material from 2 different books.

The moral of the story: Don't underestimate First Aid!

Near the end of the Pharmacology section in First Aid, there's a 2 page list of the most important side effects and their drug associations. These 2 pages are PURE GOLD! I'd say that these 2 pages are the 2 most important pages in Pharm.
Now that I'm done with my first read for all subjects, I'm going to be starting my 2nd read, during which I plan on annotating everything from Kaplan into First Aid. This way, during the final week, I can go through first aid and now have to worry about going through all the kaplan books again. I'm scheduled to take the exam in late July, and I still have a lot to do!

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